You have coronavirus and COVID-19 symptoms

Self-isolate at home immediately

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Your self-isolation overview:

Symptoms begin - start of self-isolation

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No symptoms?

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If you have been free of all COVID‑19 symptoms for 24 hours, this is the last day you have to self‑isolate.

Please stick to the following advice for 10 days after your positive (self) test or the first day you had symptoms.

  • Avoid close contact with people who have a greater chance of becoming seriously ill from corona as much as possible.
  • Apply general hygiene measures.

If you still have symptoms, continue to self‑isolate until you are for a least 24 hours. If you still have symptoms after 10 days you may also end your self-isolation period, but we do recommend consulting the GGD.

Are you a healthcare professional working within a hospital? Then other measures apply: see here for the FMS guideline (only available in Dutch).

Please note: Any special instructions you may have received from the municipal health service (GGD) always take precedence over the advice given here.

Inform your contacts

  1. Determining contagiousness

    First determine on which days you were contagious. It matters whether or not you had .

    • I had (mild) symptoms

      Anyone with whom you have been in from 2 days before the first symptoms started until now may be infected and should be warned.

    • I had no symptoms

      Then you choose the date that the corona test was conducted and you inform everyone with whom you have been in from that day untill 5 days later.

  2. Inform contacts

    You say that you tested positive for COVID-19 after the encounter and that you may have been contagious during the encounter. Depending on their situation, the person(s) you saw should take action.

Inform quickly? Share the check so your contacts know where they stand.

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