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You have coronavirus and COVID 19 symptoms

Self-isolate at home immediately

Your self-isolation overview:

Symptoms begin - start of self-isolation

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Self‑isolate at home. When you have coronavirus you must self-isolate (not self-quarantine) to avoid spreading the virus to the people you live with. Self‑isolation rules (information in Dutch).

The people you live with (information in Dutch) and anyone who has been in close physical proximity to you (information in Dutch) should self-quarantine and get tested.

No symptoms?

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If you have been free of all COVID‑19 symptoms for 24 hours, this is your last day you have to self‑isolate.

If you still have symptoms, consult the GGD about how long you should continue to self‑isolate.

Please note: If you have a weakened immune system, continue to self‑isolate until you have been symptom-free for at least 24 hours and for at least 14 days after your symptoms began. Consult the GGD about this.

Please note: Any special instructions you may have received from the municipal health service (GGD) always take precedence over the advice given here.

Download the self-quarantine guide
The guide offers help and support to make self-quarantine as easy and as pleasant as possible.

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