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Someone you live with has COVID 19 symptoms that include a fever or shortness of breath

Everyone you live with must self-quarantine and the person with symptoms must get tested

Your self-quarantine overview:


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The person with COVID‑19 symptoms that include a fever or shortness of breath must self‑quarantine immediately and get tested as soon as possible. Call 0800-1202. Have your citizen service number (BSN) ready when you call.

Everyone else you live with should also self‑quarantine until that person’s test result comes back. Even if they themselves do not have any symptoms.

This means do not go outside, do not go to the store and do not go to work.

If anyone else in the household develops symptoms, they should get tested too.

Please note: Any special instructions you may have received from the municipal health service (GGD) always take precedence over the advice given here.

Download the self-quarantine guide
The guide offers help and support to make self-quarantine as easy and as pleasant as possible.

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